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  • 提示:点击文章中的单词,就可以看到词义解释 segmentation 市场细分
    Understanding market segmentation is key to developing effective marketing strategies.

    2.competitor analysis 竞争对手分析
    We need to conduct a thorough competitor analysis before entering the new market.

    3.brand loyalty 品牌忠诚度
    Building brand loyalty is essential for long-term success in the market. strategy 商业战略
    Our company's business strategy focuses on innovation and customer satisfaction. chain management 供应链管理
    Efficient supply chain management is crucial for maintaining profitability. statement 财务报表
    The company's financial statements are audited annually.

    7.return on investment (ROI) 投资回报率
    Calculating ROI helps us determine the profitability of a project.

    8.cost-benefit analysis 成本效益分析
    We need to conduct a cost-benefit analysis before deciding on the new equipment. share 市场份额
    Our company's market share has increased significantly over the past few years. expansion 市场扩张
    The company is planning to expand its market presence in Asia.
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