R&B女子组合702的歌手Irish Grinstead去世,享年43岁
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    Irish Grinstead, a member of the R&B girl group 702 and singer on their hit single "Where My Girls At?," has died. She was 43.
    R&B女子组合702的成员、热门单曲《我的女孩在哪里?》的歌手Irish Grinstead去世。她43岁。

    Grinstead's sister and fellow 702 singer Lemisha Grinstead announced the news in an Instagram post alongside a photo of Irish on Saturday.

    "It is with great sadness that I have to let you know that my beautiful sister and friend has passed away this evening," she wrote. "She has had a long battle and she is finally at peace."

    The post continued, "That girl was as bright as the stars! She was not only beautiful on the outside, but also within. Sharing the stage with her was a joy I will cherish for the rest of my life! We, the family, ask for prayers and respect for our privacy as we grieve an outstanding loss to our family."

    While Grinstead's cause of death was not disclosed, the group announced in December 2022 that Irish would be taking time away from performing due to "serious medical issues." The singer's death comes 15 years after that of her twin sister, Orish Grinstead, who was part of the group's original lineup before passing away at 27 from kidney failure in 2008.

    The Las Vegas–raised Grinstead sisters, who named their girl group after their hometown area code, originally completed their musical group with the addition of Kameelah Williams. Together, they rose to fame in the late '90s following the release of their debut album, No Doubt, in 1996. They garnered attention and critical praise with their first release, which featured early songwriting credits from Missy Elliott, but it was their self-titled sophomore album that truly marked their arrival.

    702 featured the trio's best-known track, the 1999 single "Where My Girls At?," which was produced and co-written by Elliott and peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. The group would release one more album, Star, and appear on the Pootie Tang and Good Burger soundtracks before they disbanded in the mid-2000s. Other members of the ensemble throughout the years included Amelia Cruz, Cree Le'More, and Tiffany Villarreal.
    702收录了三人组最著名的曲目,1999年的单曲《我的女孩们在哪里?》,该单曲由埃利奥特制作和联合创作,在公告牌热门100榜单上排名第4。该组合将再发行一张专辑《Star》,并在2000年代中期解散之前出现在Pootie Tang和Good Burger的原声音乐中。多年来,乐团的其他成员包括艾米莉亚·克鲁兹、克里·勒莫尔和蒂芬妮·维拉里尔。

    The Grinstead sisters and Williams regrouped in 2017, performed at that year's Soul Train Music Awards, and signed on for the reality show BET Presents: The Encore. Irish stepped away from the group in 2022 for a medical leave.
    格林斯特德姐妹和威廉姆斯于2017年重新组合,在当年的灵魂列车音乐奖上表演,并签约参加真人秀《BET Presents:The Encore》。爱尔兰人于2022年因病假离开了该团体。

    Elliott was among those who paid tribute to Grinstead on social media, writing, "Irish, may your beautiful soul rest peacefully in the arms of the Lord. A multitude of prayers for the entire Grinstead family."

    Williams also shared a photo of Irish and remembered both Grinstead sisters in an Instagram tribute. "I struggled with this post because to me this isn't real," she wrote. "There's a lot I want to say, but there's no way to say what your heart hasn't fully accepted. It's hard to acknowledge this is even happening. I know you're feeling better now and hugging your twin, Orish, which makes me smile 'cuz I know how much you missed her."

    She added, "You and I have known each other since we were kids, and we've laughed, cried, celebrated, and everything in between, which is why I just don't want to believe this. You'll always be my 'IBG' and I still love you, my forever lil sis!!! Rest easy, Irish."
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