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    Nelly and Ashanti are Instagram official after the rapper’s gushing birthday post to the singer.


    “One time for the birthday girl,” Nelly, 48, captioned a slideshow of photos showing himself and Ashanti smiling via Instagram on Friday, October 13. “Such a beautiful, an incredible person inside and out and one of the hardest working women. I know.. @ashanti Enjoy your day Ma you look awesome!!!! Happy Birthday Love ya!!!!”

    10月13日星期五,48岁的Nelly在Instagram上发布了他和Ashanti微笑的照片,并配文说:“给寿星一次机会。”“从内到外都是如此美丽、不可思议的人,是最努力工作的女性之一。我知道. .@ashanti享受你的一天,妈,你看起来棒极了!!!!生日快乐爱你!!!!”

    Ashanti, who celebrated her 43rd birthday, commented, “Awwwwww Thanku Big head!!!!!!!!love ya!!!!”


    In her own birthday post, Ashanti wrote about feeling peaceful with all aspects of her life. “This year has been absolutely insanely incredible, and amazing. Which is partially why I’m posting a day late because I had to work last night lol,” she shared via Instagram on Saturday, October 14. “I am truly grateful for so much. Nothing is better than having peace in all aspects of your life. It is a true blessing. The world is a scary place right now… so I’m grateful to be able to create my own… and escape from it all. Thank you all again for the outpouring of love it truly means everything to me.”


    Last month, an insider exclusively told Us Weekly that the couple — who dated on and off from 2003 to 2013 — are taking things slow after rekindling their romance.


    “A few years ago, Ashanti never would’ve imagined reconciling with Nelly, but they’re enjoying spending time together,” the source told Us. “They don’t want to rush anything.”


    The two first sparked reconciliation rumors in April, when they were seen holding hands at a Las Vegas boxing match. Ashanti later posted a video via her Instagram Story, with what appeared to be Nelly’s hoodie visible to her right. Several months later, Nelly shared a video via his Instagram Story in August that showed them dancing to an Usher song.


    “Yeah, we cool again,” he said when asked if they were back together. “I think it surprised both of us though. It wasn’t anything that I don’t think was planned.”


    Shortly after the interview aired, Ashanti stepped out at the 2023 Video Music Awards in Newark, New Jersey. Though she didn’t have a date on the red carpet, she held a purse featuring a photo of herself and Nelly smiling for the camera.


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