2023年01月28日 VOA慢速英语:供您参考:国际电影中的奥斯卡提名
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    For Your Consideration: Oscar Nominees in International Film

    On March 12, actors, directors, producers and other filmmakers will gather in Hollywood, California, the center of the American film industry. Some will receive Academy Awards for the best acting, directing, writing, music and other work on movies released last year.
    The winners will receive an award called an Oscar, a small metal statue of a man, covered in gold. The Oscar is only about thirty-four centimeters tall and weighs less than four kilograms. But the award is extremely valuable. Oscar winners can earn greater fame. They can get offers to work on the best movies. They can also earn much more money.
    On Tuesday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honored more than 300 films with Oscar nominations. Among them are five movies competing for best foreign film. European countries produced all the nominees except one: the movie Argentina, 1985. As you might have guessed, it comes from Argentina.
    周二,美国电影艺术与科学学院授予 300 多部获得奥斯卡提名的影片。其中有五部影片角逐最佳外语片。欧洲国家产生了所有被提名者,除了一个:电影阿根廷,1985 年。您可能已经猜到了,它来自阿根廷。
    The South American country is not new to Academy Award history. Argentinian movies have won the best foreign film Oscar two times already. The most recent award came in 2009 for the film The Secret In Their Eyes.
    这个南美国家在奥斯卡奖历史上并不陌生。阿根廷电影已经两次获得奥斯卡最佳外语片奖。最近的一次获奖是在 2009 年的电影《他们眼中的秘密》。
    Argentina, 1985 is a historical drama. It tells a story about the effort to punish the country's military dictatorship after its rule ended. Earlier this month, it won the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Golden Globe for best foreign language film. That awards event is considered a signal of what is to come at the Oscars.
    阿根廷,1985 年是一部历史剧。它讲述了一个关于在 统治结束后惩罚该国军事独裁统治的努力的故事。本月早些时候,它获得了好莱坞外国记者协会颁发的金球奖最佳外语片奖。该颁奖活动被认为是奥斯卡颁奖典礼的一个信号。
    Another 2023 nominee is the first Irish-language film to be considered for an Oscar. Ireland's The Quiet Girl is based on the book Foster, by Irish writer Clair Keegan. The film tells about a young girl from a large, poor family living in difficult conditions. She is sent to the home of distant relatives. There, she finds warmth and love but also learns of a secret.
    另一部 2023 年提名影片是第一部被考虑获得奥斯卡奖的爱尔兰语电影。爱尔兰的《安静的女孩》改编自爱尔兰作家克莱尔·基根的小说《福斯特》。影片讲述了一个来自贫困大家庭的年轻女孩生活在艰苦的条件下。她被送到远方亲戚家。在那里,她找到了温暖和爱,但也得知了一个秘密。
    The Quiet Girl has earned loud praise in Ireland and other places. Shortly after its release, it became the highest-grossing Irish-language film in history.
    The other three Oscar nominees for foreign film come from mainland Europe. Belgium was recognized for Close. Like Ireland's nominee, the movie centers on children and their relationships. Close explores a close but threatened friendship between two boys.
    Poland's EO was also nominated in the best international film category. EO explores the imagined life and times of a donkey raised in a circus. Its interactions with and experiences of the human world point to deep questions about animal connections.
    EO won the Jury Prize, a major award, at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival in France.
    The final nominee for the best foreign film Oscar is Germany for its offering All Quiet on the Western Front. The film is based on the 1929 book of the same name. It tells a story of a soldier during World War One and explores the horror of such conflict.
    最终获得奥斯卡最佳外国影片提名的是德国,其影片是《西线无战事》。这部电影是根据 1929 年的同名书籍改编的。它讲述了第一次世界大战期间一名士兵的故事,并探讨了这种冲突的恐怖。
    Two earlier movie versions, both American, came out in 1930 and 1979. The 1930 production of All Quiet on the Western Front won the most important Academy Award of all -- Best Picture -- at the 1931 ceremony.
    1930 年和 1979 年上映了两个较早的美国电影版本。1930 年制作的《西线无战事》在 1931 年的颁奖典礼上赢得了最重要的奥斯卡金像奖——最佳影片奖。
    Check back here for more stories about other 2023 Oscar nominees in the weeks ahead.
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