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  • 提示:点击文章中的单词,就可以看到词义解释 etiquette 商业礼仪
    Understanding business etiquette is important when dealing with international clients. case 商业案例,商业论证
    We need to present a strong business case for investing in the new technology. penetration 市场渗透
    Our company is focusing on increasing market penetration in Europe. market 目标市场
    Identifying the target market is the first step in developing a marketing strategy.

    5.product positioning 产品定位
    The company's product positioning is focused on high-end consumers.

    6.corporate culture 企业文化
    Building a positive corporate culture is important for employee retention. partnership agreement 商业合伙协议
    Both parties need to sign the business partnership agreement before proceeding.

    8.brand awareness 品牌知名度
    Increasing brand awareness is a key marketing objective for the year.

    9.risk management 风险管理
    Effective risk management strategies are essential for protecting the company's assets. trend 市场趋势
    Keeping up with market trends is crucial for staying competitive in the industry.
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